Meeting Minutes — 01/22/2013

January 29th, 2013

The vote for Student of the Year was held tonight. The vote breakdown was as follows:

– 5 for John

– 2 for Wes

– 2 votes not on the ballot

Receiving the clear majority, John has been chosen as student of the year.

Mandeep gave an update on the foundation and credit union accounts. Last years transaction history should be available soon.

Lockheed Martin will be coming to talk to the club about their future endeavors and recruiting interests. Members are encourage to attend this awesome opportunity.

Members interested in talking to EE100 classes about IEEE should talk to John or Wes.

A sign up for official UAH IEEE polo shirts is on the white board in the lab. Please put your name, size, and number of shirts you would like when you sign up. The prices are estimated to be $24 for sizes XXL and under and $28 for larger sizes.

The RSO round table will be held on 2/1.

SECON travel arrangements were briefly mentioned and will be discussed in more detail in a later SECON meeting.

Eugene Davis, president of the Information Security Club, has invited IEEE members to attend a presentation by Johnathon Creekmore  on Thursday Feb, 7th at 7:15th. The topic of this presentation is network encryption protocols.

Meeting minute emails and IEEE periodicals will be sent to those on the mailing list soon.

Meeting Minutes — 1/22/2013

January 23rd, 2013

Talks are being held about getting a key card reader installed for the club door. While approval for this addition is uncertain, it’s agreed upon that an alternative for the aging combination lock box is needed.

Every year IEEE hosts an award ceremony honoring various achievements from its members. It’s about that time again so we need to nominate one of our members for student of the year! The current nominations are Chris, John, Wes. You can email notifications to

Some charger trainer supplies still need to be ordered.

We discussed the prospect of having the projector screen mounted. The general consensus is that a work order will be put in to mount the screen and the projector after we purchase a new one. Projector options are currently being researched and will be presented at the next meeting.

Meeting Minutes — 01/08/2013

January 10th, 2013

The gaming rule has been amended to games to be played on Fridays as well as the weekend. Gaming at any other time is prohibited.

There has been a leadership change. The VP has stepped down and Wes has been nominated interim VP by unanimous vote of present members and officers.

Charger Trainer is on February 8th. There is still a position available, to reserve a position come by the IEEE Lab and sign up on the whiteboard.

Week of Welcome RSO fair is tomorrow from 11am to 2pm in the UC lobby. Members are encouraged to come by and help officers greet new students.

Charger Trainer needs 5 usb mini cables and 5 AVR breakout boards. Also, there has been discussion about purchasing a $65 FPGA to see if we can easily expand to teaching FPGAs in Charger Trainer.


Meeting Minutes – 11/27/2012

November 27th, 2012

SECON only has three months of developement time at the beginning of next semester. All active members are highly encouraged to get involved in the design and completion of this project.

Charger Trainer is slated to begin in Februrary. The netbooks will be used as a common platform for students to follow along with IEEE members in an interactive introduction to microcontroller programming.

The club consitution will be posted on google docs for the officers to edit. After the editing is finished it will be presented to the club to be ratified.

Meeting Minutes – 11/13/2012

November 13th, 2012

Officers were given to-do list by John. Any officers not present should meet with John to see if he has one for you. Also, the constitution will be posted on google docs sometime in the near future for the officers to begin re-writing it.

The netbooks for Charger Trainer are now in the club’s possession. Dr. Linquist presented the netbooks as a gift for our continued participation in SECON and Engineering Open House. Being that these netbooks were donated at great expense their care will be of the utmost importance. The netbooks will ONLY be used for club projects and Charger Trainer.

All members are urged to take better care of equipment in the lab.

John proposed that the club purchase a new projector. Due to the bulb prices the decision for this purchase is being postponed until the next meeting.

A club conduct meeting is still pending.

Meeting Minutes – 10/13/2012

November 6th, 2012

There has been a slight delay in obtaining charger trainer netbooks due to purchasing conflicts. As of now the purchase is still intended but the status of charger trainer will be posted on a later date.

SECON is formally cancelled tomorrow in preparations for the halloween party.

The Halloween Party is this Friday at 6pm. Gaming is permitted all day and the lab, this includes consoles. Feel free to bring candy, drinks, and snacks.

Meeting Minutes –

October 2nd, 2012

Mandeep presented the financial statement for the Foundation Account.

The SECON track will be painted tomorrow.

There are two upcoming open house events for the engineering department scheduled for October 20th and November 10th. IEEE members are encourage to prepare projects to present to prospective students.

Attendance to Dr. Smith’s presentation is suggested to all members. The International Freescale Cup Robotics Competition presents an exciting opportunity for IEEE members to compete against other international teams in China.