Meeting Minutes 4/16/13



Members present:

  1. Luke Burgess
  2. Tyler Helms
  3. Travis Cleveland
  4. Wesley Bartholomae
  5. Elena Todorovska
  6. Jason Caudill
  7. Ashley Monroe
  8. Matt Davis
  9. John Ross


Wes updated the members present (9) on the following topics discussed with Tim Torrie:

1.      Mounting the projector screen: paperwork will be started

2.      The power rail: Tim will check

3.      Getting a card reader: high on priority list

4.      Fixing the door handle: locksmith will fix

5.      XP reinstall: ok’d, but only one admin

6.      Getting a new oscilloscope: will not get one; will talk to Nick instead


Wes did not ask Tim about getting eyewash, a first aid kit, or a new fire extinguisher (which the present members decided should be a CO2 variant).


Tim ok’d getting a new refrigerator.


The members discussed getting a wet/dry vacuum.


SECon was discussed along with the possibility of getting a new lab.  According to Wes, Dr. Lyndquist assures that the faculty would be willing to help with special mention of Dr. Picarillo.  He also said that the work for SECon could be used as a senior design project.


It was decided that there would be no meeting next week.


Game night was discussed further.


UAH outreach for robotics was discussed.  It would be a paid internship in Decatur over the summer.


Treasury updated:

$3200 foundation

$500-$600 in account


The SECon budget was discussed


The open house to take place this Saturday (4/20) was discussed



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