Minutes, 04/09/13



Lab Needs


  • eye wash
  • check fire extinguisher
  • new table saw blade
  • surface mount solder station
  • safety glasses
  • face shield
  • micro controllers to replace 16’s
  • hack saw/blades
  • 32U4 ATmega
  • wire wrap tool for 26g


It was decided to store projects in containers on the second-to-bottom shelf.


The members present (10) voted on a self-run security camera

For: 8

Against: 1


A presentation was made by Phillip Henson (of Dynetics) regarding IEEE Gold.

His contact information is as follows:

Phillip E. Henson

Dynetics, Radar Systems Branch

Street Address:

1002 Explorer Blvd

Huntsville, AL 35806



Mailing Address:

PO Box 5500

Huntsville, AL 35814



256 964-4698


256 964-4026


The treasury was updated with respect to the transition; the new treasurer needs to visit an ACU branch.


Future projects were updated.


It was decided that SECon meetings would be on Thursdays at 7pm.


The members present (10) elected a new SECon leader.

For Matt Davis, the votes were as follows:

For: 10

Against: 0


Game night was tentatively scheduled for May 3rd.

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