Meeting Minutes for August 16, 2011

General Body Meeting

Engineering Building Room 141

+ SECON 2012

– John is the new Project Leader for SECON 2012

– SECON Team meets every Thursday at 7pm (No gaming during meetings please).

+ Website

– Website is complete and up to date

– See Wes for website access if you’re an officer or forum access.

+ Charger Trainer

– See Scott about scheduling a Charger Trainer one-on-one session.

+ Finances

-All finances are up to date.

+ Old Business

– None

+ New Business

– None

– Class Talks will be the week of August 29th – September 2nd.

– Open House date in the works for October.

+ Speakers

– No speakers scheduled currently.

+ Non-tech activities

– Paintball date in the works (contact Scott)

+ Announcements

– Organizations can get wireless logins from I.T. if the dept. signs off on the request.

– No word on the Kinect system from ECE dept.

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