Meeting Minutes – 8/28/2012

The joint picnic lunch between the student and professional branches will be on September 8th. It will be held at Shelby hall  from 11am to 3pm. All members are encouraged to be present for this event.

As a reminder, open house is on September 18th. Any members wishing to present a project should make a posting on the forum. In order to encourage more people to attend open house will be advertised in both the Engineering building and in Tech hall.

Reimbursement checks should be in on Thursday. If a member fails to receive a check by Thursday, please see John.

Ordering forms for the Charger Trainer equipment (AVR Programmers and netbooks) have been obtained, hopefully this means the club will have better equipment in the near future. Stay tuned for any updates on that.

The idea to have a second meeting was suggested, but the general consensus was to stick with a single general body meeting. Meeting minutes and club updates may start going out in an email in order to offset the fact that some people are not able to attend the meetings. A monthly poster highlighting the clubs most recent activities is also a possibility.

A motion was held to split lab manager and secretary into two different positions and elect Elena as lab manager. The motion passed unanimously. Upon the new lab manger’s suggestion, the old couch in the front of the lab was removed in order to give more work-space. Also, $150 is being allocated for the procurement of storage bins in order to reduce some of the clutter in the lab.

Anyone interested in purchasing a black IEEE Polo can do so for $24 dollars. The money and sizes should be given to John as soon as possible being as the shirts will not be ordered until after the payment has been received.

We now have an official IEEE YouTube channel in which will be used for Charger Trainer, instructional videos, and project updates.

SECON begins on April 4th. All students are welcome to participate but only official IEEE members can go to the competition. Meetings are held on Wednesday nights at 7, but all SECON team members are encourage to actively work on the robot throughout the week.

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