Meeting Minutes – 11/13/2012

Officers were given to-do list by John. Any officers not present should meet with John to see if he has one for you. Also, the constitution will be posted on google docs sometime in the near future for the officers to begin re-writing it.

The netbooks for Charger Trainer are now in the club’s possession. Dr. Linquist presented the netbooks as a gift for our continued participation in SECON and Engineering Open House. Being that these netbooks were donated at great expense their care will be of the utmost importance. The netbooks will ONLY be used for club projects and Charger Trainer.

All members are urged to take better care of equipment in the lab.

John proposed that the club purchase a new projector. Due to the bulb prices the decision for this purchase is being postponed until the next meeting.

A club conduct meeting is still pending.

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