IEEE End of Semester Game/Movie Night

Time: Friday 5th at 5:00pm

Where: IEEE Lab – Engineering Building Room 141, UAH

We are having our end of the Summer semester game/movie night this Friday the 5th at 5pm. If you want to come an hour early to setup your console or pc’s that’ll be fine.

Please bring lots of food and drinks as we plan on staying here all night.

PCs, consoles (new and classic), games and movies are welcome.

For pc games we plan on playing Age of Empires 2 (We have the game), Team Fortress 2 (Its free on Steam, but you better pre-download it) and any other games that people have like Starcraft, Diablo or maybe Left for Dead.

As for consoles I believe one of our members is bringing a PS3 and a Wii. If you have games for these consoles you want to play please bring them and please bring any extra controllers you might have.

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