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Meet and Greet

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015




Lunch Meet & Greet

Join Charger IEEE for lunch as we welcome Dr. Gorur, the new ECE chair!

Dr. Gorur

Dr. Gorur is an IEEE Fellow, published in over 200 IEEE publications. As a longstanding member of this technical society, Dr. Gorur has invaluable insight into the importance of society membership, particularly for aspiring engineers.

Come meet Dr. Gorur and our student executive board to learn about the unique networking and volunteer opportunities available through IEEE.

Lunch, with vegetarian options, will be provided.

The Student Branch Chair will be available to answer any questions regarding local UAH IEEE membership and the variety of benefits available to student members.

All UAH students of any major are welcome!


Where : Engineering Building Room 207

Date : Thursday, 11/05/2015

Time : Noon – 1:30 pm



IEEE Open House!

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The IEEE Open House will be on September 10th at 7:00 pm in Engineering Building room 141. During this time, the members of IEEE will show off various projects that we have done, and future projects that we are currently working on or plan to work on.

Some of the projects that will shown will be:

  • SECON Robots from the past 2-3 years as well as the current competition plans and prototypes
  • XBox360 Kinect camera images being run through a Sobel Edge filter using OpenKinect/libfreenect, SDL, OpenGL, and OpenCL (GP-GPU computing)
  • True Random Number Generator
  • Tesla Coil – A Fall 2009 EE100 Project

Meeting Minutes 05/21/13

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


Wes Bartholomae

Matt Davis

Ashley Monroe

Luke Burgess



Chris Parker

Mandeep Singh

John Ross



EE-412: SECon as an EE (3hr) elective in the fall; project course.

SECon team will meet on Thursdays at 7:15pm.

Goal: have a moving chassis soon.  Use last year’s robot for preliminary experiments.

Possible use of omni wheels with two wheel drive.



Transition to forum-based site.

Better organization, easier navigation.



We will have meetings during the summer semester. They will be at 7:15 on Tuesday nights.



All new officers need to stop by ACU to sign account transfer forms.







Meeting Minutes for Nov. 15th 2011

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

General Body Meeting

Engineering Building Room 141

– End of Semester/Year Game Party scheduled for December 9th at 6PM.

Activities May or May Not Include:




Ferret Shaving

Chicken Nugget Face Painting

Goat Yodeling

– HATS Holiday Reception for Professional Branch.  See door flier for details.

– Terraria Game Night this Friday Nov. 18th at 6PM.

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 8th 2011

Monday, November 14th, 2011

General Body Meeting

Engineering Building Room 141

– End of Semester/Year Game Party scheduled for December 9th at 6PM.

– Charger Trainer to soon start again with lots of nifty and shiny information regarding programing microcontrollers.  More information to come.

– Possible spring company tours to come next semester.  More information to come.

– UAH Open House for Saturday the 12th was successful.

– UAH Breakfast was also held Saturday morning, sponsored by Charger IEEE.  Many were less hungry that day!

Meeting Minutes for Nov. 1st 2011

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

General Body Meeting

Engineering Building Room 141

– End of Semester/Year Game Party scheduled for December 9th at 6PM.

– Engineering Open House is on Saturday, November 12th.  Kinect light saber demonstration will be on the ECE lobby TV.

– Camping trip postponed due to Engineering open house.  New date TBA.

– Amateur Radio Club will meet on Thursday Nov. 3rd at 7PM.

– SECON will meet Thursdays at 7PM.  Strict team member attendance required!

Meeting Minutes for Sept. 13, 2011

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

General Body Meeting

Engineering Building Room 141

– Open House Cleanup is Saturday Sept. 17th.  Please come and help us get ready for the main event!

– Open House for Charger IEEE is Tuesday Sept. 20th at 7PM in the IEEE Lab, EB 141.

– Randolph School is looking for mentors for its robotics teams.  They will be in competition on Dec. 16th.

– Volunteers needed for the Best Robotics competition hosted by Calhoun on Oct. 15th.  IEEE National has asked for our assistance.

– The UAV club needs help signing up for club participation to be chartered as a new UAH club.  If you are interested please show your support.

– Charger IEEE Paintball scheduled for Oct. 22nd at Phoenix Paintball in Athens.

– There is a Halloween party scheduled for Friday Oct. 28th in the lab.

– Camping trip scheduled for Friday Nov. 11th at 6PM.  Further details to come.